Why Quick Jet

The In-Flight Experience

IMG_0054Imagine you have a flight between San Francisco and Las Vegas. Instead of having to drive into SFO’s massive airport, you will cab, drive or be chauffeured to a smaller more personable airport. Once here you will meet with your Quick Jet Charter representative who will confirm your reservation and passengers then will escort you right to your aircraft with your luggage. (No waiting in lines to clear security or board the plane. No escalators or long walks down terminal corridors.) Your group’s luggage will be loaded onto the aircraft as everyone enters the cabin and makes themselves comfortable in the BMW inspired leather bound seats. When your party is ready the pilot will start engines, taxi and be airborne in a matter minutes for your 95 minute flight to Las Vegas. At cruise altitude, the first officer will come back and check on everyone to see if their is anything your group needs. This can be a range of complimentary amenities like beverages, snacks, and local information. When you arrive into Las Vegas, our staff will escort you and your luggage to your prearranged transportation that will take you and your group to your final destination.  From there, enjoying Las Vegas is up to you. That is the Quick Jet Charter experience.