How does private aircraft charter differ from traveling on commercial airlines?

Answer:   Chartering a private aircraft provides you with numerous advantages that commercial airlines cannot offer. Differences include:

  • Ability to reserve a private jet for the time that best fits their schedule
  • Passengers on private aircraft depart without waiting in security or baggage claim lines
  • Aircraft charter offers passengers ultimate privacy during flight, enabling them to be as productive as they choose
  • Customers are able to visit multiple cities within a day, which allows them to take full advantage of time and maximize efficiency

Are there additional advantages to chartering a private aircraft?

Answer:   Chartering a private aircraft offers the ultimate in luxurious travel. Here are a few examples:

  • Nothing can compare to the peace of mind private travel offers. We consider the Federal Aviation Regulations to be minimum standards, and our flight crews far exceed those standards. You can rest easy knowing that you and those flying with you are in good hands.
  • No one enjoys the time and stress of waiting in a long security line at the airport. All passengers on Business Jet Access aircraft have been screened through the TSA’s No Fly List. After your flight crew has verified your identification, you’re on your way.
  • Never worry about lost luggage or checking your bags. When you arrive for your flight, you will be escorted directly to your aircraft. Here, you will simply get out of your car and board the aircraft while your baggage is unloaded for you.
  • Passengers can also decrease the cost of the flight per person by filling every seat
  • The luxury and space of a private jet allows passengers to be productive in flight, while offering more privacy and security than a conference room.

Is a Cabin Service Representative/Flight Attendant required?

Answer:   On smaller aircraft, like that flown by Quick Jet Charter, they are optional. On our cabin aircraft, however, company policy requires a cabin service representative for your safety and that of the aircraft.

What type of catering is provided?

Answer:   All charter aircraft are stocked with standard onboard snacks and beverages. These consist of soft drinks, liquors & mixers, pretzels, chips, assorted candy bars, and chewing gum. We can also obtain any specific item or meals that you would like. Any additional catering requested will be billed upon completion of the trip.

Where can I travel to?

Answer:   Chartering a private aircraft grants you access to thousands of General Aviation airports located throughout the United States and Worldwide.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Answer:   In the event a trip is cancelled 24-72 hours (CT) prior to the scheduled departure time, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the charter flight hours, plus any nonrefundable costs will be charged. If the trip is cancelled 24 hours or less (CT) prior to the scheduled departure time, a cancellation fee equal to 75% of the charter flight hours or 2 hours, whichever is greater, will be charged, plus any nonrefundable costs.

What if I have extensive travel needs but don’t want the cost of owning an aircraft?

Answer:   Quick Jet Charter can work with you to tailor a customized program that might include discounts.