Flight Department

Sometimes you or your business needs more than to charter one flight.

Your business may have a client meeting in Beverly Hills at 9AM, a 2PM roundtable with a Reno, NV project team and must keep an important dinner reservation back in Las Vegas by 7. This would be unimaginable commercially.

With Quick Charter Jet Charter it’s so easy. Drive directly to the aircraft at the North Las Vegas Airport, board the plane and you and companions are enjoying refreshments enroute to Beverly Hills, CA. In an hour you will touch down at the Van Nuys Airport where your rental vehicle awaits at the parking ramp. After your meeting, you re-board and may want to relax and unwind or prepare for the next meeting during the 1½ hours to Reno. Finally, you are homeward bound to Las Vegas right on time. And by the way, if your meeting runs over a bit, your pilot will not leave you! This is all made possible by Quick Jet Charter’s convenient and affordable service.

Cost for this trip is $895 per person!

If the solution to your travel needs is a flight department, contact us at and we can give you the flight department you’ve been looking for. If you only require a flight department for 2 days or 2 months, we can provide you with a custom plan for your travel needs.